Joe Arcuri

Joe, with his wife Silvana, established Arcuri & Associates in 1982, and over the past 30 plus years has protected thousands of individuals and business with their friendly, personal and professional insurance solutions.

Initially supporting construction and hospitality sectors, Joe grew the business to one of Melbourne’s most successful general brokerages. Joe has seen the globalisation of the industry and volatility of world events affect premiums. He knows that the industry has experienced allot more movements in price and quality of service and believes that the business and team stand out because of the genuine care they show to individual’s and their needs.

Working in insurance his whole life, Joe knows that his client’s loyalty does not come without hard work, commitment and an ethos of integrity and personal attention. Joe says “..personalised attention is everything to us, our biggest client is as important as our smallest client.” This approach is evident with up to three generations of families all utilising Joe’s, experience and knowledge to protect their assets. Joe is old school, he knows people, he knows business and has dedicated his life to family and community. You can catch him in the office, walking down Smith Street with his grandson or on the bowls green, just please don’t email him.

Andrew Arcuri

Andrew has spent his working life engineering, building, developing and consulting. He has worked in three different countries in Automotive Production, Manufacturing environments, Industrial Engineering and across all levels of Construction from shoveling sand to the writing of contracts. This background has provided a wealth of knowledge that span’s beyond insurance to wider business needs and Andrew is skilled at uncovering these needs and exposures.

Andrew understands the ins and out of business and this allows him to provide insights and advice of significant value. Protecting peoples most important assets, be it their home or business, Andrew knows people have invested a huge amount of time and energy to get where they are and he offers that equal commitment in ensuring these assets remain safe.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and like Joe, Andrew likes helping people. He knows if he can protect assets then that avoids financial stress and pressure, which can potentially ruin business and families. He is skilled at defending client’s when they have been aggrieved and looking after people when they need assistance. Taking the time to listen, to understand and appreciate peoples perspectives means Andrew uncovers real exposures and his advice is always honest and genuine. Andrew likes the simple things in life, happy clients, happy family and his own popcorn at the movies.

Jacquie Arcuri

Patrick Selle

Working in the Finance and Insurance industry for the past 12 years, Patrick has been protecting his clients from potential claims and disputes with great success. Patrick has specialised in Professional Indemnity Insurance and also has a strong foundation in Management Liability, Directors and Officers and Commercial Business insurance. He enjoys delivering an exceptional customer experience ensuring legal costs and claims aren’t damaging his client’s business opportunities.

Over the past decade Patrick has experienced large wins within the small to medium enterprise sector and at a corporate level worked with many large multinational firms. His exposure to the UK (London) Insurance markets ensures clients are across market leading information and insurance solutions.

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of products in the market Patrick takes the time to understand business and people, and explains why products and services he recommends is the right fit for the individual circumstances. With an entrepreneurial drive Patrick enjoys exploring business opportunities and working with people on good business practice and success markers. Working as a Corporate and Wedding MC outside of his “day job” sees Patrick listening to himself allot. That’s why he’s so happy to listen to you during the day!

Alex Petrovski

Alex joined Arcuri and Associates Insurance in 2015 from the financial services industry where his extensive experience in Property transactions and Analyst Banking Operations sparked his interest in insurance. Working in the mortgage analytical verification space he gained experience working with Lenders Mortgage Insurance and other property valuation tools which now sees him working across Home and Contents, Motor Vehicle, Body Corporate, Farm and Commercial Motor business.

Alex’s strong commitment to customer service, and his well honed analytical skills ensures clients receive the right information and cover. Alex has a particular interest in sports, liability and personal indemnity. He has a broad athletic background and years of competing, training and teaching in a professional sporting environment. He is focused on delivering exceptional performance on the field and in the office. Ask him for some pointers, gym, tennis or insurance.

Andrzej Chojnowski

Andrzej’s insurance career began in 1997 with a large international brokerage
firm holding senior roles in the Building and Construction Insurance space and then general commercial and domestic brokerage areas.

Andrzej is driven to deliver results, especially at claim time. He has the knowledge and experience that allows him to work through the most complicated of scenarios and still have his clients come out on top.

The types of people and business that he has worked with are as wide and varied as his movie collection. Andrzej has looked after Contract Works, Liability, Motor Vehicle, Management Liability, Business Packages, House & Contents, Professional Indemnity, Structural Defects, Strata etc… He has Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight, The Godfather Trilogy, Frost/Nixon, Flying High, The Shawshank Redemption etc… It’s because of this diversity that makes every day interesting and he always loves a challenge.

Ashley Johnson

Since 2008 Ashley has been working with people to understand their needs and their business’. With strong foundations in Farm & Crop, leading to Liability & Construction and then Medical Malpractice Liability & Indemnity Ashley has been ensuring people’s exposure to significant financial losses are protected. Working most recently in Motor Vehicle insurance, Home insurance, Landlord Insurance, ISR insurance, Public and Product Liability insurance, Commercial Property Insurance, Personal Accident & Illness, & Strata Insurance has allowed Ashley to work across a broad range of insurance products, peoples needs and business’s. Ashley is known for her positive relationships, strong communications skills and level of commitment.

Ashley has her Diploma of General Insurance Broking and in 2012 started as a committee member of the Young Insurance Professionals Australia & New Zealand, and eventually became the Victorian Vice President, ceasing in 2016. Ashley will miss the variety and challenges of broking while she takes maternity leave but she is looking forward to a whole lot of new variety and challenges that a baby brings!

Jonathan McKenzie

Jonathan has spent over 8 years helping to protect businesses and people from financial loss. Building on his work in Broking, Underwriting and Construction Jonathan works with both new and established business , across a range of industries, providing excellent customer service, advice, and strong business support.

The success Jonathan has delivered to clients can be attributed to his vast and solid knowledge of insurance products, assisting clients with advice and recommendations. Initially working in personal insurance and then moving to commercial Jonathan has a thorough understanding of everything from ISR and Commercial Property Owner risks to Heavy Motor Fleets & Specialty Liability. Jonathan loves working with a progressive, and diversified clientele and brings the ability to listen and access the best options for his clients while understanding their needs. Jonathan also knows allot about fishing, football and motorsport which makes him an excellent person to have a drink with and discuss anything from the one that got away to the latest cars coming off the production line.

Tess Krutli

Tess is a skillful and dedicated service and support professional. Her friendly voice will greet you on most phone calls and her warm smile when you walk through the door. Tess works with the team as the first point of contact for the business. She provides friendly reception and administrative support to ensure positive relationships and quality outcomes. Experienced in operations, systems and administration she ensures the office runs like clockwork. Tess is a multi tasker extraordinaire – she can answer a call, send an email and get you the right information before you even know what you are looking for. When Tess isn’t supporting the team or delivering random acts of Coffee you will find her somewhere there is music or dancing. Tess is an amazing piano player and is big into her contemporary dancing. You sing, Tess will play the piano and we can all relax knowing your insurance needs are taken care of!